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Great looks, great comfort, great style... Sophisticated Pup

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Sophisticated Pup offers designer pet apparel, collars, leashes and accessories for dogs.  While our products are stylish, they are also very functional.  Many pet owners will buy their dog one sweater or one coat and that dog wears that one item until it falls apart.  Just like you, your dog needs a variety of different options for comfort, fit and warmth.  If one particular item is worn repeatedly it can cause chaffing in the areas where it comes into contact with the dogs skin, such as around the arms.  You never want to cause your dog physical harm by allowing it to wear an item for too long of a time period.  Also, the apparel items should get laundered on a regular basis to avoid the transfer of fleas, mites and other undesirables that they can bring in from the outdoors.  In this very cold winter that we are enduring, it is also important that your dog is wearing an item of appropriate warmth.  Exposing dogs, especially small dogs, to harsh temperatures can be very bad for their health, possibly resulting in death.  Sophisticated Pup provides a variety of stylish, fashionable and seasonally appropriate pieces for all dogs.  From dog coats, to dresses to collars and leashes, Sophisticated Pup has your dog covered.

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