Adding Personal Touches Can Help Convert Sales - Tip For Wholesalers

Posted by Michelle O'Hollaren on 16th Jan 2020

If you are a retailer with a brick and mortar store, adding personal touches in regards to your product offerings can make a huge difference when selling products. Do you carry products from smaller, independent manufacturers, like our line, Sophisticated Pup? Customers love to know the story behind the products that they are buying, and that the products are not just mass produced with little thought put into them. Adding information alongside a product assortment, such as an "About the Artist" bio can really make a difference when a customer is making their selection. Customers can feel an immediate connection to the products and have confidence that their purchase is not only helping to support the brick and mortar store that they are shopping in, but that it will also support the small business owner that produced that product line. 

At Sophisticated Pup, we have created a downloadable bio that any store that has purchased our products for their retail store may download to display alongside the product offerings that you are stocking. You are also welcome to request that we send you a laminated copy at no cost to you by sending us an email. We are happy to send that out to assist in the sale of our products in your store. 

You can find the downloadable bio here