A Note from the designer, Michelle O'Hollaren and join me in my new Meetup - the Chicago Handmade Designers Meetup Group

Posted by Michelle O'Hollaren on 19th Mar 2015

As the owner and designer of Sophisticated Pup, a handmade business started in 2006 - I have blazed the trail of handmade design for close to a decade in this fabulous city we call Chicago.  Starting this business in my one bedroom apartment while working on my graduate degree, I have taken my small endeavor from a dream, a big aspiration - to one that has turned into a working, functioning business, with products sold across the country and internationally.  To individuals in far off corners of the world, to boutiques and even a few national stores.  I have done many things right, and I have done many things wrongs along the way.  I have had big successes and times when I wanted to hang my head in shame.  I have looked at what could be the "easy way" and turned my head and gone down another path numerous times.  These are all the unique aspects that make my business my business.  One that I wouldn't trade for anything.  While I have been in business for over 9 years, every day I am learning.  Everyday is a new experience, a new interaction and something that goes into my arsenal of experiences.  If you are like me, growing a business out of a passion, a desire to create and to be your own boss - blazing a trail that is unique to your own experience - join me in my newly created Meetup Group- the Chicago Handmade Designers Meetup Group.  A place for like-minded artist/entrepreneurs to collaborate and share in our experiences and to help each other along the way.  I hope to meet you soon and learn all about what you do.

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